In light of International Women’s Day, we are choosing to challenge everyone to take up 100 Actions for Equality in 2022.

The International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022 campaign theme is ‘Break the Bias’ – #BreakTheBias. At Equality Forward we believe that we need to move beyond bias and break the systemic barriers that hold women back at work.

Every workplace can tackle the invisible barriers to women’s advancement and men’s fulfilment at work. Building cultures of equality and equity is about creating an environment where all employees feel like they can be themselves at work because they know they will be valued for this.

To enable every employee to practice daily acts of inclusion, we have created 100 actions for equality which address the key challenges all individuals encounter at work because workplaces devalue difference.

Every employee can take up the challenge to practice all 100 actions and build a culture of care in their organisation. Collectively we can remove the barriers to advancement, inclusion and fulfilment at work by making equality and equity a daily practice.

with challenge comes change

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100 actions



Click on any of the topics you are interested in (Equality, Sustainability, Culture of Care).


Download and save any number of the social media tiles in pairs (cover and details).


Share how you are putting each action into practice to advance equality.

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Choose to challenge someone you know to do the same on your social channels using the hashtag #ChooseToChallenge

Do the work even when no one is watching
Make Allyship Personal
Bridge Cultural Differences
Confront Your Privilege
Take Initiative To Raise Profile Of Minority Members
Become A Success Partner At Work
Be Curious And Learn About Differences
Understand How You Contribute To Others Experiences Of Inequality
Use Questions To Call Out Discrimination
Call Out Inequality In Meetings
Call Out Inequality In The Moment
Seek Feedback On Your Inclusive Behaviour
Be Intentional About Allyship
Let Go Of Your Need To Be A Good Person
Get To Know How Inequality Works At Work
Apply Intersectional Thinking At Work
Commit To Practicing Inclusive Behaviors
Call Out Exclusion When You See It
Flip the script
Lean Into The Discomfort
When You Misstep Apologise Correct Your Behavior And Move On
Don’t Dismiss Or Deny Inequality
Intentionally Invite Underrepresented Colleagues Into Your Networks
Make Space Don’t Take Space
Check The Gender Gap In Performance Assessments
Challenge The Double Bind
Check Your Negative Beliefs About Working Moms
Watch Out For Tone Policing
Take Accountability For Solving Inequality By Educating Yourself
Do The Work To Examine How You Perpetuate Inequality
Share The Spotlight
Make Inequality Personal
Reset What behavior Is Acceptable At Work
Talk About Your Challenges And Fears When It Comes To Equality
Educate To Advance Equality
Speak Up
Be Curious And Stay Humble
Be Consistent In Your Efforts
Set Expectations In Team Meetings
Resist The White Savior Complex
Don’t Center Yourself When Confronted With Inequality
Make Self Reflection A Regular Practice
Consider What Good Looks Like In Your Workplace
Recognize And Reward Women
Stop Fixing Women And Start Fixing Workplaces
Take A Holistic Approach To Tackling Inequality
Recognize How Workplaces Don’t Work For Everyone In The Same Way
Recognize The Contributions Women Make
Watch Out For Gender Stereotypes and How They Shape Behavior
Share The Load At Home
Call Out The Double Standard Women Face At Work
Don’t Ask Women To Act Like Men To Succeed At Work
Get To Know Individual Differences
Value The Contributions And Capabilities Of Black Women
Create A Workplace Where People Can Be Themselves
Make Inequality A Shared Problem To Solve
Call Out The Femininity Stigma
Ditch workarounds and own your needs outside of work
Disrupt Denial About Inequality At Work
Disrupt Modern Sexism
Don’t Erase Experiences of Inequality
Make It Safe To Speak Up
Acknowledge Your Privilege
Own Your Privilege
Spend Your Privilege
Consider How Success Discriminates At Work
Understand The Impact of Gendered Racism
Get To Know How Multiple Identities Can Compound Experiences Of Inequality
Get To Know The Barriers In Your Workplace
Be Intentional About Inclusion
Join Or Start An Employee Resource Group
Value Womens Competence, Capability And Contributions
Make Work Events Inclusive
Ensure Speaker Diversity At Events
Do not filter out difference
Put Allyship into Action In Team Meetings
Share the office housework
Pay Attention To Gender Pronouns
Ensure your hiring and promotion criteria are unambiguous
Diversify Your Online and Social Networks
Make Mentoring Meaningful For Women
Manage The Inequality Moments
Pay Attention To Who Gets High Profile Opportunities
Manage The Performance Tax
Ensure Equity When It Comes To Making Mistakes
Be Transparent When It Comes To Closing The Pay Gap
Don’t Ask Women To Solve Problems They Don’t Create
Evaluate What Good Looks Like
Remind The Women You Work With Its Not You Its Your Workplace
Check Your Bias Against Working Mothers
Practice Family Friendly Behaviors At Work
Ditch The One Size Fits All Approach For Working Parents
Sponsor Minority Employees
Mind Your Language
Stop Untitling Professional Women
Take The Shame Out Of Work Life Integration
Champion Women Leaders
Advance All Women
Take up the fight
Seek Out Feedback