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Step 1

Facilitator Preparation:
2 Minutes

  • Your role is to create a safe space for people to discuss the action and how it can be applied in your workplace.
  • You are there to encourage discussion and share ideas on how people can take action to build workplaces that value difference.
  • You are not expected to be an expert or have all the answers.
  • Feel comfortable saying you don’t know and use your role to explore different perspectives and ideas.

Step 2

Review Discussion Guiding Principles:
3 Minutes

  • Seek first to understand: We so often approach conversation wanting to advocate our point of view. Seek first to understand (not just listen to) the other person’s feelings and point of view before speaking.
  • Speak to communicate, not convince: Offer points of view with the perspective of offering information – not with the goal to convince someone else of the rightness of their position.
  • Listen to be changed: Be open to changing your mind, your position, or having an “aha” moment. Pay attention to inner chatter. You want to be actively listening to the discussion, not thinking about what to say next.
  • Take a breath – suspend judgment: Someone may say something that others disagree with. Remember to not judge them. Pause and consider their point of view.
  • Balance listening and talking: Allow the conversation to be balanced across participants. We do not want to silence people, but we also do not want people to silence each other.

Step 3

Facilitate the questions provided:
10 Minutes

  • What does this action mean to you? Are there examples where you have seen this being practiced in our organisation?
  • What is the impact on our clients, the community and each other when we take up this action?
  • How can we challenge each other to practice this action? And take up the other actions on a regular basis?
  • How can we celebrate people putting these actions into practice?

Step 4

Action Review and Close:
5 Minutes

Review key discussion points and prompt people to identify any actions they can take.