100 Actions for a culture of care

The International Women’s Day theme for 2022 is #BreaktheBias which highlights the importance of challenging biases and misconceptions in the interest of creating a more inclusive and gender-equal world.

At Equality Forward we believe that we need to move beyond bias and break the systemic barriers that hold women back at work. Building cultures of equality and equity is about creating an environment where all employees feel like they can be themselves at work because they know they will be valued for this.

On International Women’s Day (8 March) Equality Forward is launching the #CultureofCare campaign. Building a #CultureofCare means creating a work environment where everyone can
feel valued, respected, and reflected.

We have created 100 Actions for a #CultureofCare that provides practical ways that anyone can help foster a culture of support, compassion, and safety at work.

The 100 actions cover the following topics:

By taking on these 100 actions, everyone in your organisation can be part of creating a #CultureofCare that helps #BreaktheBias and tear down barriers to advancement, inclusion and fulfilment at work for everyone.

with challenge comes change

100 actions for a culture of care

Take up the

100 actions



Click on any of the topics you are interested in (Equality, Sustainability, Culture of Care).


Download and save any number of the social media tiles in pairs (cover and details).


Share how you are putting each action into practice to advance equality.

Choose to challenge

Choose to challenge someone you know to do the same on your social channels using the hashtag #ChooseToChallenge

Monitor Your own mental health
Check in with your co-workers
Respond flexibly
React with care
Make it safe to be vulnerable
Build a culture of connection
Get active at work
Perform a random act of kindness
Make your work manageable
Consider your colleagues’ different needs
Practice self-care
Become emotionally aware
Check in on meeting times
Consider categorizing your emails
Take pause
Support your peers
Pet-friendly workspace
Leaders must lead the way
Try a meditation app
Ensure your workplace has flexible policies in place
Provide access to breastfeeding facilities
Check people’s availability for meetings
Share the load
Broaden your definition of caregiving
Celebrate caregiver milestones
Create a flexible work plan
Nurture your support network
Prioritize relationships
Help with childcare
Get to know your benefits
Speak up, fathers
Make your workspace work for you
Pay it forward
Ensure your colleagues feel heard
Support single parents
Personalized resources
Share your strategies
Check out your employee referral program
Keep the conversation going
Keep moving
Make it safe to speak up
Be aware of your workplace surroundings
Use your mistakes as opportunities to learn
Have your own back
Put boundaries in place
Respect other people’s work boundaries
Do the right thing even when no one is watching
Keep abreast of the latest Covid safety rules
Keep emergency exits clear
Connect in person
Report unsafe working conditions
Wear the gear!
Take a stretch break
Stay hydrated
Be consistent to build trust
Recognize your co-workers
Take time to recharge
Hold space for different perspectives
Know your limits
Communicate often
Ask for help
Recognize other people’s challenges
Spend your time
Practice gratitude
Have the difficult conversation
Practice perspective taking
Practice online acts of kindness
Make time to chat in online meetings
Reimagine your commute time
Commit to keeping your video
Avoid side chat
Work with your video on
Become a success partner
Offer emotional support
Consider keeping a journal
Conduct a value share
Focus on outputs not working hours
Practice kindness and compassion towards yourself
Pay attention to ergonomics
Celebrate your career life story
Celebrate different cultures
Give back
Share your expertise
Manage mutual recognition
Pay attention to who gets to speak
Challenge the norm of professional work attire
Do the work
Use inclusive language
Make introductions
Address the challenges of virtual onboarding
Build diversity of thought
Use the round robin meeting method
Support your company’s DEI efforts
Get to know your diversity
Commit to continuous improvement
Be yourself to build belonging
Share personal perspectives
See yourself