100 actions for #Sustainability

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present a bold vision for humanity. They are the world’s shared plan to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality and protect the planet by 2030. Now it is time for business to take action.

The 100 Actions for Sustainability offers everyone the opportunity to move beyond box-checking and take practical actions to achieve the SDGs.

The time has come for every one of us to take action to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

The 100 Actions for the SDGs provide daily actions anyone can take to tackle:

Take up the 100 Actions for Sustainability today and unlock the potential for your business to be not only more successful but also a powerful force for good.

with challenge comes change

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100 actions



Click on any of the topics you are interested in (Equality, Sustainability, Culture of Care).


Download and save any number of the social media tiles in pairs (cover and details).


Share how you are putting each action into practice to advance equality.

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Choose to challenge someone you know to do the same on your social channels using the hashtag #ChooseToChallenge

Do The Work Even When No One Is Watching
Make Allyship Personal
Bridge Cultural Differences
Confront Your Privilege
Take Initiative To Raise Profile Of Minority Members
Become A Success Partner At Work
Be Curious And Learn About Differences
Understand How You Contribute To Others’ Experiences Of Inequality
Use Questions To Call Out Discrimination
Call Out Inequality In Meetings
Call Out Inequality In The Moment
Accept Feedback
Be Intentional About Allyship
Let Go Of Your Need To Be A Good Person
Get To Know How Inequality Works At Work
Apply ‘Intersectional Thinking’ At Work
Commit To Practising Inclusive Behaviours
Call Out Exclusion When You See It
Switch to Renewable Energy
Insulate Your Home
Drive less or use a more energy-efficient car.
Grow your own produce or buy local
Use eco-friendly products
Switch off electric devices at night
Go paperless
Reduce plastic consumption
Recycle Responsibly
Eat less meat
Upgrade your appliances
Create a Food compost
Invest in solar energy
Save water in your household
Don’t buy products tested on animals
Switch your lightbulbs
Donate unwanted items
Choose to walk or cycle rather than drive
Commit to Inclusive Innovation
Adopt a diversity lens when innovating
Create innovations that include everyone
Value ideas that are not your own
Value diverse perspectives in the innovation cycle
Meet the diverse needs of end users
Seek out feedback from people who are not like you
Adapt innovations to account for local community needs.
Use data to inform your impact
Measure the impact on diverse individuals
Scale solutions that support diversity
Include diverse partners when scaling innovations
Innovate to address systemic inequality
Put people at the heart of your innovations
Apply a DEI lens to the design process
Inclusive innovation is an ongoing practice
Leave no one behind
Report online bullies
Do not take the Health and Safety guidance at work for granted
Promote psychological safety
Pay attention to how language and the media can be used to support conflict and violence
Be a worker that takes action to ensure safety during work tasks
Connect with others
Be physically active
Find different ways to bring learning into your life
Take up small acts of kindness
Pay attention to the present moment
Rehouse or repurpose your goods
Donate your space to a cause that could use it
Hire locally, in an underserved community
Select suppliers that care
Celebrate special milestones with giving
Break your consumer mentality and develop an investor mentality
Become a financially fit family
Hold your workplace accountable for its pay practices
Support local action to advance peace
Adopt responsible tax practices
Support local businesses at home and abroad
Advocate for financial inclusion
Engage with financial services that practise  financial inclusion
Look across the borders
Mentor people from disadvantaged and / or underserved communities
Empower women to earn more and build assets
Become a consumer with a cause
Advocate for better business operations and supply chains
Welcome innovations that make the world a better place
Raise children to be financially empowered
Endorse organisations that promote financial empowerment services for people with disabilities
Recognise and amplify young voices
Promote use of SDGs in learning
Petition schools to have accessible facilities
Share, don’t just like
Donate to campaigns that empower women and girls and ensure their equal rights
Voice support for equal pay
Have intergenerational dialogue on gender roles and norms
Advocate for equality and stand up for everyone’s rights at work
Check no one is exploited to make what you buy
Shop local at home and abroad
Mentor young people
Stay open-minded, listen and learn from others
Organise events that address issues affecting minorities
Fundraise for projects aligned to SDGs
Join or create a group in your local community
Volunteer for charities that work with SDGs