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We bring together research, experience, proven strategies, and solutions to create cultures of equality so that every employee feels valued and that they can be themselves at work. We have leadership, culture and people assessment tools, development programs, inclusion coaching to support any organisation with building a workplace culture that values difference. We also offer a range of equality strategy development workshops for diversity and inclusion practitioners and train the trainer sessions.

We advise global clients of all sizes and from all sectors

Current solutions to advancing diversity and inclusion are not working…

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Only 43% of human resource executives think that current approaches to increasing gender diversity in organisations are effective at all. (Corporate Leadership Council, 2015)

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Roughly 45% of employee experiences of inclusion are explained by their manager’s inclusive leadership behaviours.

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Research finds 43% of women say they have faced discrimination at work because of their gender; however, 63% of male leaders believe their organisation is doing all it can to address gender inequality at work. (GALLUP 2005)